Kraliçe Lear (2019): Rural Women’s Take on King Lear

The documentary about the performance process of staging King Lear as Kraliçe Lear (2019) not only shows how Shakespeare’s plays can be domesticised but also how they can be democratised. Being an all-female and rural travelling theatre, the performance of the Arslanköy Theatre Company gives new insight to what extend Shakespeare might be considered universal. The backstories of both the rural performers and the rural audiences prior and following the recorded performance of Shakespeare’s play create a retrospective vision on both the performance and the lives of these performers.

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Through Pelin Esmer’s vivid portrayal, the backstories of Behiye Yanık, Cennet Güneş, Fatma Fatih, Ümmü Kurt and Zeynep Fatih open new ways of signification on the immediacy of Shakespeare for the lives of the rural perfomers and the audiences, a perspective which has not been quite seen by urban practitioners and audiences. More info on IMDb. We strongly recommend you to watch the documentary!

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Öğütcü, Murat. “Kraliçe Lear (2019): Rural Women’s Take on King Lear.” 2021.


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